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Their Racing Careers

It was 1947 and two Dallas brothers, one recently discharged from the Air Force and the other still in the Navy, started a hobby that would change their future. Jiggs and A.D. Trowell aligned with a friend of a friend, Charlie Turner and began their racing careers. The Trowell brothers raced the cars and Charlie was pit crew. This turned out to be a winning combination.

Their Reputation Spread

They designed, built and worked on their Sprint race cars behind A.D.'s house. As it would turn out, this was the beginning of Trowell & Turner Automotive. With hundreds of wins between the two brothers including 6 Championships, their reputation spread. Soon, friends and acquaintances began asking the trio for help with their automotive needs. Eventually, word-of-mouth spread and they were deluged with work. So much work, that they didn't have time to work on their champion race cars.

A New Course

So in 1950, at night, they built the first official Trowell & Turner Automotive. At this Denton Drive location, A.D. Trowell who decided to not reenlist in the Navy and Charlie Turner who left his job as Shop Foreman at Truman Motors, worked full-time. While working full-time at Peerless Manufacturing, Jiggs Trowell worked at T&T nights and weekends. In 1955, Jiggs joined the team full-time.

Technology & Honest Service

Since the beginning, Trowell & Turner Automotive has had the reputation of being the most state-of-the-art shop in Dallas. The combination of superior technology with the customer-centered philosophy of, "Give the customer good information so they can make the best decision regarding their car, even tell them when they don't need to do anything", the business rapidly grew.

Difficult Time

They moved to our current location, here at 8603 Harry Hines in 1960. In 1968, Charlie Turner left due to health reasons and three months later A.D. Trowell was killed in the time-trials at the Devil's Bowl Speedway. It was a difficult time, but the business continued to grow with clients such as Southwestern Bell Telephone. The legacy continued with  Jiggs' children, Terry, Scott and Laurie, each starting with summers or part-time and then taking on larger roles as time passed.  Now, Terry (Jiggs' son) and Larry (A.D.'s son) are at the front counter and Terry's kids work part-time when they can.

The Tradition Continue

Today with the kids grown, more than ever, the company philosophy forged by the founders continues. With Trowell & Turner Automotive, you get the highest quality combined with honest assistance with your vehicle needs. And by the way, we are proud to say, while you are in the lobby, it's not unusual to run into someone who has done business with us for over 20... 30 or (if there is an Old-Timer around) even 40-50+ years.

And, that's the way we want to keep it!

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